Finding the Balance Between Being Authentic and Success

As I contemplate the contrast between being true to oneself and showcasing the enchantment of artistic creations, I find myself at a crossroads where two distinct worlds meet ā€” one marked by the unfiltered genuineness of the artist’s path, and the other by the irresistible charm of a polished masterpiece.

“Be Authentic” is a common phrase that is often used in marketing seminars and social media platforms. As an artist, I have found this phrase to be helpful in navigating the world of self-promotion and professional engagement. However, amongst all the noise of marketing strategies and tactics, there remains a sense of discomfort ā€” a longing to simply immerse oneself in the act of creation, without worrying about the pressures of promotion.

Little Sunshine | 6×8 in | oil | SOLD

The life of a professional artist is not as romantic as it may seem. While there are certainly days when all I want to do is paint and immerse myself in the creative process, the realities of the modern art world mean that I must also engage in marketing and promotion. It’s not just about what’s on the canvas ā€” there’s a whole other aspect to being an artist that requires attention and effort.

Despite the hectic nature of promoting oneself, there is a deep sense of appreciation for the opportunity to connect with others. It is a chance to share one’s passion with a worldwide audience beyond the confines of one’s workspace. This privilege is held dear, as it enables the individual to bridge the gap between solitude and community, taking what could be a solitary pursuit and making it a shared experience.

As an artist, it’s easy to focus on the glamorous side of the journey, but what about the less appealing aspects, such as self-doubt, frustration, and failure? Are people genuinely interested in seeing the authentic struggles that come with creating art, or do they only care about the polished image of success?

I recently read that Pablo Picasso is considered to have created around 100 masterpieces. Iā€™m sure the exact number is open to debate. He is estimated to have created around 50,000 pieces in his lifetime.

Picasso’s story highlights the complexity of artistic authenticity. Though audiences flock to see his famous masterpieces, the untold stories behind each brushstroke truly capture the essence of his artistry. It’s the moments of struggle, doubt, and perseverance that breathe life into his creations.

As an artist, I struggle to find the right balance between authenticity and presenting a polished image of success. While I want to share the unfiltered reality of my artistic journey, I also want to create a curated narrative that resonates with my audience. Despite the artistic process’s ups and downs, there’s an underlying sense of happiness and satisfaction that makes it all worthwhile.

Behind every masterpiece lies a story of perseverance, resilience, and unwavering passion. Though I may not always share the gritty details of my artistic struggles, it’s this authenticity that gives my art its true magic. The raw emotion, genuine expression, and unbridled creativity all come together to create something truly special. In the end, what matters most is the story behind the art and the impact it has on those who experience it.


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