An exceptional artist, Nancy Murty works primarily in oils. Finding inspiration in the natural world, her works often feature birds and other wildlife, as well as the play of light, shadow, and color across the American landscape. All though realistic in nature, elements of abstraction and the Impressionists can also be seen in her work.

Influenced by the 19th-century Impressionist and post-Impressionist art movements, Ms. Murty remains fascinated with how we see the natural world, specifically how the human mind completes complex images when presented with partial information or basic structure, how the combination of multiple colors on a surface is translated and viewed as a singular color. Further examination of her work reveals the depth of understanding she has behind her subject through her experience, inspiration, solid technique, and passion culminating in an inspiring original body of work that encourages the viewer to participate.

First pursuing an education to become a Physical Therapist, she soon realized her real passion lies with painting. Murty switched goals, graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Following graduation, she worked in the Advertising industry for seven years before starting Bee Creative Studio, a pattern & design company focused primarily in the quilting industry. In 2013, Ms. Murty closed the business to dedicate her energies toward painting full-time.

Today Nancy continues to expand her artistic education through participation in workshops, demos, seminars and close observation, including volunteering with the Braddock’s Bay Bird Observatory’s spring and autumn bird banding programs. The amalgamation of Nancy Murty’s experiences, training, and insight, brings a unique credibility to her work.

Originally from Wilson, NY, a small community centered around agriculture and farming, Ms. Murty currently resides in Rochester, NY with husband Paul.