Fighting Feathered Distractions

My easel is positioned next to a north facing window, providing beautiful natural light and a view of the Hungerford’s parking lot, loading docks, East Main Street, an Albert Paley metal sculpture, and lots of little spots that are home to a variety of birds.

A few months ago, a bird flying back and forth in front of the window caught my curiosity. It was a pigeon gathering debris blown up from the parking lot, that collects in the corners on the roof outside my window. Back and forth, trip after trip, the pigeon flew over to an old exhaust pipe located in the roof over the loading docks. I was surprised by the continued diligence of this one pigeon. I reminded myself, slow and steady, the work gets done.


Last week I noticed two juvenile pigeons hanging around on the roof, by the opening of the exhaust pipe, where that dedicated adult pigeon built her nest. This is when it all began! A growing distraction, and as the distraction grew, so did the story I was creating about the two little pigeons on a roof, visible from my studio window.


One morning there was a large group of pigeons were gathered on the roof, near Larry and Moe. (They both have names now.) “The whole family must be over meeting their newest members.”

Larry and Moe have been stretching their wings more and more each day, I’m wondering as I say goodbye and head out of the studio today, if they will be gone on Monday? If so, I think will miss them a little, but will be much less distracted!