Gratitude without Attitude

The Clothesline Festival, on the grounds of the Memorial Art Gallery here in Rochester, was this past weekend and it went so well – like scary smooth. You see, it’s never gone this easy.

Nancy Murty Art, Clothesline Festival at the Memorial Art Gallery

The Weather

September weather in Western New York is tricky to plan for - part Summer, part fall, and always a chance of surprise downpours. The weather for Clothesline festival is notoriously “variable” to put it nicely. Over the years it’s been steamy hot or so windy the tents lifted into the air like Dorothy’s house in Kansas. Last year (my first as an exhibitor) it was so cold I wore my winter coat and mittens, the coffee vendor ran out of coffee and hot chocolate by noon both days. Rain is so common at the event that no bookie in Vegas would bet against it.

This weekend’s weather however was just about perfect. Not to hot…or cold, nice comfortable temperatures to be outside. It did rain, but overnight and everything was safely bundled up in the tent.

No Attitude

Ok, I admit it…sometimes I can get a little snippy when stressed. I don’t like that I do it, so this year, Paul and I made a plan and agreed we were not going to be in a hurry. Guess what? It worked! We finished setting up and still liked each other. And, we had fun. Well, as much fun as you can have schlepping and setting up.

Take Down went basically the same way. We had a plan and didn’t allow ourselves to feel rushed even as those around us raced to get their artwork and tents packed up.


"No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude."

– Alfred North Whitehead

With Lots of Gratitude

I really appreciate those that stopped by the booth to say hi. As an artist, I spend most of the day working alone and it was nice to have the opportunity to speak with people one on one and hear their observations. Two comments that made me feel especially warm and fuzzy were “I could stand here and look at it all day, it just makes me happy.” and “She doesn’t just paint – she captures the spirit, the essence of it.

As I unpacked and settled back into the studio on Monday, I kept thinking about what a great weekend it was and how lucky I am! I’m so very thankful to have supportive friends and family, and so grateful to be an artist and able to share this journey with you.