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Make 2019 Your Best Year

January 2018, I was struggling to keep myself organized, there were lots of post-its on my desk, scraps of paper with quick notes scribbled across them, and odd lists scattered around the studio. I knew I needed to do something to get things and me in order if I was going to get anything accomplished this year.

I started researching organizers, planners, online systems, and task apps. I couldn’t find one that seemed to fit what I needed and I didn’t want to use an app on the my phone or the computer. Knowing myself, I’d end up in an online rabbit hole if I was constantly having to hop on the computer. Hum, let’s see what’s new on Instagram? BAD! I need to spend less time on-line, not more, so I decided to create my own weekly planner.

In May I attended a Mastermind Workshop with ArtBiz Success in Lancaster PA were we presented our one Best Practice with the other attendees. I shared the weekly planner and received many requests to make it available for sale.


So here it is!

  • Create a master plan for the year with quarterly goals

  • See the big picture each month with a calendar view

  • I added habit trackers this year to help meet your goals for social media, website updates, blog posts, emails, health goals, and anything else you may need help with. For me, it’s time painting.

  • The weekly view starts on Monday, making it easier to plan the weekend with Saturday and Sunday appearing together on the same page

  • Track your social media and other online growth

  • Start planning next year’s important dates with 2020 planning pages

  • Quotes to inspire you along the way

  • 10 pages for notes

  • A place to jot down topics and ideas for future posts, blogs, and videos

  • Three included bookmark dividers to quickly flip to the pages you use the most


To keep up with an ever-changing schedule, I especially like using Pilot brand’s friXion erasable pens to list appointments in one color and record activities or tasks in a second color. The friXion pens are available in lots of fun colors and replacement ink cartridges are also available. Using two different colors allows me to easily access how I’ve spent the time.

Make 2019 all you want it to be!