Embracing the Little Things

Whenever I take a stroll, my senses eagerly search for the ground for hidden gems of nature — a diversity of leaves, acorn caps, pinecones, delicate bird’s nests, hearty nuts, and an assortment of seedpods and flowers. Each discovery capturing my attention with its unique blend of shape, texture, size, or color. These precious findings, carefully curated during my walks, find a coveted spot on the studio shelf, patiently awaiting the moment when they’ll transform into a wellspring of inspiration for my artistic endeavors.

During my walks, I can’t resist the double acorn caps that remind me of my identical twin sister. It has become a delightful ritual for me to collect these paired treasures and amass a collection in a glass jar near my easel. Each double acorn cap symbolizes our shared connection and adds warmth to my studio haven.

5x7 oil painting of a red apple on branch with green leaves by nancy murty
Apple.1 | 5×7 in | oil | SOLD

My easel space is currently adorned with apple leaves left over from my recent painting, “Apple.1.” Although I prefer to capture the essence of my subjects directly from life, it is sometimes impractical due to studio constraints. To strike a balance, I combine observations from real-life with snapshots I’ve taken during my visit to a nearby orchard. This synthesis allows me to infuse my work with authenticity.

On the edge of my easel, there is a small pinecone from a Hemlock tree. I keep it there for sentimental reasons, as it reminds me of the walks I used to take with my Dad through the woods. It is also a tribute to my Grandpa, who had beautifully shaped Hemlocks in his side yard. When I was young, I learned not to use them as “home” when playing hide and seek. That did not make Grandpa happy!

Collecting these things isn’t necessary, but it’s a part of who I am and what makes me unique. Embrace your quirks and idiosyncrasies, they make you who you are! Life would be so boring if we were all the same!!


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