I understand the challenges of balancing a busy life

I’m here to help you simplify and organize your life!

My all-in-one planner is designed to help you easily crush your goals and realize your dreams. Say goodbye to complicated systems and hello to a simpler, more effective way of planning and succeeding. Join me in making your life easier with this perfect planner.

Sound Familiar?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and pulled in multiple directions
  • Tired of not finding what you need with all the notes and lists
  • Wonder how to get everything done in the time you have
  • Lost in the day-to-day grind with no time to focus on the future 

I Get it…I felt like that too

As a busy artist, I understand the importance of staying organized and on top of things. That’s why I’ve created a simple, all-in-one planner to help you plan, take action, and succeed in achieving your dreams. It’s no coincidence that PLAN, ACT, and SUCCEED are on the cover of this year’s planner.

The key lesson I’ve learned over the years is that consistency is the key to success.

That’s where the 2024 Weekly Planner comes in. You will stay on track and achieve your dreams by consistently using it daily to prioritize tasks, schedule time for essential activities, and keep important notes and lists in one place. Plus you will feel more motivated and focused on achieving your goals by regularly reviewing and re-establishing them.

So dream big!

And make your dream the priority in 2024.


Weekly Planner

• Two-page Monthly Calendar
• Quarterly Planning Worksheets
• Routine Tasks Checklist
• Assign Tasks to Specific Days
• Lots of Space for Notes


Customized to fit you

For just $10 more than
the regular price, personalize
your daily and weekly routine
tasks with a printed checklist in
your made-to-order planner.

Let’s get to what’s important

Here is what’s included…

Quarterly and Monthly Planning Worksheets

By identifying your dreams and writing down how achieving them will make you feel, you can find inspiration to overcome challenges. The Planning Worksheets break down your goals into manageable monthly steps to help you succeed.

Two-Page Monthly Calendars

Lots of space is provided for planning each month, and the color-coded key helps you stay organized. Identifying the priority for each month will keep you on track toward reaching your dream.

Vertical Weekly Layout

Organize your schedule by setting appointments and dedicating time to essential tasks. Utilize the daily action items section to assign specific tasks for each day. Move toward your dreams by identifying three steps to take each week to achieve your goals. Keep track of your thoughts or plan meals in the daily notes section. Weeks start on Monday, so the weekend days are together.

Custom Routine Checklist

For just an additional $10, get organized with a personalized printed checklist for daily/weekly tasks and habits. You’ll receive an email with a worksheet to guide you. Please allow for additional processing time to create your one-of-a-kind planner.

Order your Planner Today!

“Nothing makes me happier than other’s success. If there are any questions I can help with, please get in touch.”