Floral Paintings

  • original 6x6 inch oil painting of creamy white poinsettia by Nancy Murty

    Poinsettia oil painting


    This stunning original oil painting of a white poinsettia will add a touch of elegance to your home decor. This close-up view captures the delicate beauty of the poinsettia’s petals, meticulously rendered in rich, vibrant oil paints.

    This painting is presented in an 11.5×11.5 inch elegant black frame with a gold leaf inner liner, enhancing its natural beauty. It is an ideal choice for holiday decor or year-round display.

    Prefer to choose your own frame? Please contact me, and I’ll subtract the frame cost from the price listed.



    • Dimensions: 6×6 inch, 11.5×11.5 inch with frame
    • Medium: oil on canvas
    • Frame: matte black with gold leaf accent
    • Subject: white poinsettia

    This artwork brings a timeless charm and a touch of the holidays to any room.

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