Satsuma Orange 3 oil painting


6×6 in (unframed)
oil on linen
Framed size is 11.5×11.5 in

The Satsuma Orange takes center stage in this 6×6 inch original oil painting. It is depicted using warm, inviting hues that play with light and shadow, skillfully capturing the tantalizing texture of the orange’s surface. This invites you to feel the velvety smoothness with your eyes. The vibrant colors burst forth, creating a visual feast for admirers of fine art.



Elevate your artwork with a solid wood frame in a matte black finish featuring a luxurious gold leaf inner liner. The combination of timeless sophistication and a touch of opulence creates a stunning display. The painting is shipped ready to hang, so all you need to do is find the perfect spot for it.

Would you like to choose your own frame? Please contact me, and I’ll subtract the frame cost from the price listed.