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It’s so much more than a calendar, it’s your daily guide to SUCCESS! Stepping you through creating quarterly goals, identifying and scheduling tasks, shaping success-building habits, and more — all in one place. This weekly planner is specifically designed to help you plan, organize, and stay focused while tracking your progress. 

Perfect for creative entrepreneurs, busy professionals, small business owners, or anyone wanting to crush their goals in 2023.

Customizable Version Also Available

• 8.5 x 11 inch
• vertical weekly layout
• week starts on Monday

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Rave Reviews

What would I do without this planner?

I’d be lost is what!! I just love it. I like how it limits my focus to one quarter at a time rather than the whole year. Thirteen weeks is enough to accomplish things but not so long that my goals become lost over time.

– Margaret M.

what’s inside

Take control of your time with these unique features…

  • Quarterly Goals and Planning Worksheet – follow the step-by-step guide to create strategies for achieving your top three goals
  • Focus Each Month – establish micro-tasks for each month that keep you focused on achieving your longer-term goals
  • Schedule Daily Tasks and Action Items – assign tasks to specific days of the week, consolidating everything in one place
  • Time-Block – plan the week quickly using the 30-minute time slots
  • Lots of Areas for Notes – keep all your thoughts in one place for review and reflection
  • Customized Version Available
Rave Reviews

Helps keep focused on my long-term goals.

This planner has helped me to stay laser-focused on what is most important and plan each week accordingly. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

– Molly A.

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