The Power Behind Choosing a Title

In the world of art, where brushstrokes can convey emotions and colors can speak volumes, naming an exhibit is like giving a soul to a collection of works. It’s a significant task that requires sensitivity, insight, and a touch of intuition. As I faced this challenge, I found myself surrounded by countless possibilities, searching for the perfect word or phrase to capture the essence of my creations.

Amidst the sea of options, one quote emerged, echoing through the chambers of my mind like a beacon of clarity: “The beginning is the most important part” – Plato. These words, laden with wisdom, resonated deeply within me, stirring echoes of my journey through the tumultuous currents of the past year.

Goldfinch.2 | 6×6 in | oil | SOLD

It had been a year of trials and tribulations, marked by shadows that threatened to engulf the light. Yet, as the storms subsided and the clouds began to part, I found myself on the cusp of a new dawn, feeling the stirrings of renewal coursing through my veins.

Guided by Plato’s wisdom, I embarked on a quest to name my exhibition, seeking to distill the essence of this transformative journey into a single word: ‘Beginning’. This word was full of promise, holding within it endless possibilities.

To me, ‘Beginning’ was not just a word. It was a statement of determination to recover from adversity and move towards a better future. It represented the release of long-restrained potential, the awakening of dormant aspirations, and the bold acceptance of the uncertain.

Its power lay in its universality—its ability to inspire, ignite, and bring forth the potential within each viewer, regardless of their personal journey. It invited people to let go of their past and move forward with confidence into the new, free from preconceptions or judgments.

As I considered the meaning of this particular word, I realized that by selecting it, I wasn’t just naming an exhibit. Rather, I was crafting a narrative, a story of hope and optimism that transcended the boundaries of the artwork and invited each viewer to become a part of it.

I embarked on a journey of exploration and self-discovery, guided by ‘Beginning.’ I invited others to join me in this odyssey of transformation through art. Every stroke of paint and hue of color echoed a journey that began with a single word and blossomed into a symphony of renewal. There is power in the words we choose.


The exhibit will be at the Pat Tribistone Gallery in Canandaigua, NY.

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