1. I love this, Nancy! I found myself chuckling out loud. And also thinking "What inspires you" is a stupid question. I’m sure I’ve asked it before, but it is pretty ridiculous when I think about it. A better question is "What was it about that <bird, plant, landscape> that made you want to paint it?"

    2. First how to continue eating ice cream when lactose intolerant- Eat Me Ice Cream!! I have tried it and it is great! Try the deep dark chocolate and the lavendar (all made with coconut milk).
      Now inspiration: for me it is similar to yours but primarily it is faces that get my juices going. I have to unabashedly admit that looking at my three grandchildren’s faces stirs me the most! I don’t think I could ever get tired of painting them except my daughter keeps politely reminding me that there is only so much room on the walls!

      1. LOL. Thanks for the tip for an ice cream alternative. That’s awesome, and their little faces change so much as they grow – it’ll be endless inspiration!

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